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Howard Anderson: Quickest Blown Alcohol Coupe
Career Best 6.56 208.91 MPH 
Woodburn, Oregon May 2011
Boise Idaho June 2011 6.83 200.93 MPH  
Low ET of the Event at High Elevation
10 AA/Supercharged Teams in Medford 
Photo by Larry McFarland
2011 AA/Supercharged Championship Winners Circle
1st Victory Ever at Firebird Raceway in Boise Idaho June 2011
Challenging Track Conditions in Mission Canada  July 2011
Semi-finals at Medord 
This Run Decided the 2011 Championship
Dropping the Hammer in Woodburn Oregon
Doing a Burnout is a Challenge in Medford with a Transition from Concrete to Asphalt
Slowing Down at Champion Raceway is Easier with an Uphill Shutdown Area
Dan Leads the Team in the 
Engine and Clutch Department
Howard Drives and Takes Care of the 
Details at the Shop
Dan's Mercedes Keeps Him Busy at the House
Mel Vargas is the Heart and Soul of the Team