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Howard Anderson: Quickest Blown Alcohol Coupe
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2019 California Hot Rod Reunion Champion
Going into the 2019 California Hot Rod Reunion, optimism was high with the 6.38 and 6.40 pass under our belt coming out of the Sacramento Governors Cup.  Chassis issues plagued the team in qualifying and the first round of eliminations.  Qualified #7 with a back peddling 6.83 and still had to peddle the car in low gear first round to salvage a 6.61 pass.  A major move with the chassis allowed for the first full pull of the weekend in the semi-finals.  With a 6.40 on the board, we were poised to take the title with Mike Molea posting a 6.66 going into the championship round.  Backing off slightly to ensure we go down the track resulted in a 6.45 at 210 MPH to take the title.  All is well going into the off-season.
Sacramento Raceway   Updated 4-3-16

​The track conditions at Sacramento Raceway were nothing like last year, as the team found out on the first pass.  A 1.06 60' time indicated the combination was not too far off.  Unfortunately the result was a back peddling 8.36 second pass.  Major clutch changes were needed for the second and final pass of the day.  It was amazing that the car responded with a 6.56 at 210MPH to take the event win over a red lighting Mike Molea.  Overall, I guess we can call this a successful outing.  
Updated 6-29-16

The season opener at Woodburn in May was rained out, making the Oldies But Goodies the first  AA/supercharged event at Woodburn Dragstrip.  84 degree high temperatures greeted the racers for Saturday qualifying.  When the day ended, the Sierra Pipe 38' Chevy was on top with a solid 6.52 second pass.  Scott White and Mitch Chamberlin were close behind at 6.57 and 6.60 respectively.  

Sunday had air temperatures north of 90 degrees and track temperatures above 130 challenged the high-horsepower AA/Supercharged race setups.  Howard fired the opening shot at 6.56, good for lane choice in the Semi-final match with Mitch Chamberlin.  With hotter temperatures facing the competitors, a nearly identical 6.57 was good for a trip to the finals.  Scott White earned a final round match-up with Howard, clocking 6.59 seconds.  Finally the temperatures reached the hottest levels of the weekend, making a tough job even tougher.  Close reaction times from both drivers made this a horsepower contest. The 38' Chevy did not disappoint, setting low ET of eliminations at 6.53, taking yet another Woodburn trophy back to Northern California.  
Quickest Run in History......Again
Woodburn Dragstrip             Updated 5-20-17

After struggles for the entire 2017 season, the first full-pull resulted in the quickest pass in history.  6.34 at 217 MPH.  A slight adjustment resulted in the quickest and fastest run in history.

6.31 at 221 MPH  
Special thanks to Co-Line for the new cylinder heads and we finally found a gear ratio that works.  With 117 degree track temperatures, the Sierra Pipe team is hoping for improvement  into the 6.20 zone.  Time will tell...... Stay tuned....
A Huge Crowd Witnessed the Quickest and Fastest Run in History